Every day from heart since 1989 Vizualni element 30 years of Pekar


Our story began back in 1989.
Since then, we have been with you every day with all our !


Through decades of production, we constantly acquire new knowledge which ensures our further development and progress.


Constant quality of each product is our goal from the very beginning. Traditional recipes and carefully selected raw materials are the basis of our development.

  • production lines on 35.000 m² in three production facilities
  • 500+ employees
  • new modern production lines with a capacity of >32.000 tons per year
  • largest production facility:
    • for flatbreads in the region
    • for bread crumbs in Croatia
    • for bread per unit in Croatia
  • >26 own vehicles for daily delivery to more than 500 partners
  • >150.000 pallets of frozen products delivered per year
  • >4.500 trucks of frozen products delivered per year
  • storage capacity of >8.000 pallets (-20°C)

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  • cooperation with all major retail chains in Croatia & EU
  • export to EU and other countries (>25 countries)
  • production of private labels
  • range of EASY-TO-USE products
  • product range customized for HO-RE-CA