Continuous investments in modern technologies have been further intensified in the last decade of our existence. Today our production is completely modernized and largely automated. We are also proud of our products prepared by using manual production methods exclusively for the purposes of maintaining the quality of certain products.

In modern facility on more than 5,000 m2 there are lines for fresh bakery products, frozen products, products of paper-thin and phyllo dough, bread crumbs and pasta, and biscuits.


Experience, carefully prepared strategy and clear vision resulted in high specialization for certain products. This is why the last investment cycles were focused on a line production in large series, as well as brands.

We are currently the largest facility for the production of all types of flatbread in the region and beyond, the largest facility for the production of bread crumbs in Croatia and the largest producer of bread per unit in Croatia. Besides flat bread and bread crumbs, we are specialized for the production of salty sticks, burek, burger buns and buffet buns.


We pay great attention to raw materials we use. Traditional recipes and selected raw materials for tasty products are the foundation of our vision from the very beginning. High-quality raw materials uncompromisingly put traditional flavors, product wholesomeness and safety at the top of our list of priorities. Therefore, a large part of our products is marked as CLEAN LABEL (without e-numbers).


Constant quality is a priority in our vision from the very beginning, and it has been recognized by customers and partners through our long-standing presence in the market and long-term relationships with wholesale customers and partners. From the first day, we carefully control the quality in several production stages, bearing in mind that only a satisfied customer is a loyal customer.


Besides standard mandatory certificates, we regularly follow innovations in terms of product wholesomeness and safety and educate our staff. From the very beginning, we implement the highest standards, so we have IFS certificate for several years already. We are also proud of our HALAL certificate. We are moving further…


It is always a challenge, but we love challenges. Distribution is greatly facilitated by our own warehouse of frozen products for more than 1,200 pallets, and, in addition, there are distribution centers throughout the region. We own 30 vehicles that deliver fresh products every day to more than 500 locations of our partners. In addition, we annually distribute more than 35,000 pallets of frozen products, and daily, a minimum of one truck of frozen products is sent to the EU and other European countries.


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32 100 Vinkovci

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